The world's largest healthcare services company, providing a full range of supply management solutions and information technologies.  The latest version of Practice Point Manager, (formerly Physician Office Manager) has the power to meet the most critical challenges facing healthcare providers today.  A full-spectrum practice management and patient care solution, Practice Point Manager operates on the most user-friendly operating systems available - Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP.
Purkinje DOSSIER

Puts the latest information technology to work supporting quality patient care.  The software runs on portable, desktop or pen-based computers.  It runs under the "Windows" family of operating systems in conjunction with industry standard SQL databases.  Because of its built-in flexibility, DOSSIER can be easily interfaced with existing practice management, clinical, lab reporting and administrative systems. Moreover, it can be scaled to suit a single-practitioner office, a multi-practice operation or an integrated delivery system.

A leading provider of patient scheduling and computerized patient record software.  SpectraSoft has officially released its latest version of the Appointments scheduling system.  According to SpectraSoft, Appointments PRO, version 7.0 is their most versatile scheduling system yet.  With customizable resource categories and the like, PRO can be utilized by businesses within virtually every business sector . (Quote from Mike Large - Director of Sales and Marketing, SpectraSoft, Inc)

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