We are proud to offer the following features as a basis for all system and connectivity solutions we provide
  • Connectivity, Security and Reliability
    • Windows 2000/2003 Servers or Windows 2000/XP peer to peer configurations with logon security for the entire workgroup or domain
    • Additional password protected security points - up to 3
    • Real-Time Hard Disk Drive mirroring to provide fault tolerance in the event that the primary storage media fails.
    • Automated Tape or Removable Hard Disk Backup for portable data backup that can be moved safely off-site.
    • Battery Backup solutions to maintain system during power faults.
    • Phone, remote login, and same-day on-site service to accommodate every service need in the most efficient manner.
  • Peak Technology and Performance
    • Networks are installed using high speed 100MegaBit Ethernet Technology, providing network bandwidth that is sufficient for even the largest enterprises; with endless expansion possibilities.
    • Our file servers utilize the fastest and most respected performance technologies including SCSI, and one or more Intel Pentium Processors allowing for uninterrupted data access at peak speed.
    • Workstations, which provide an excellent value with a practical mix of high speed CPU and network technology.  In addition, our basic configuration well exceeds memory requirements for running multiple applications smoothly.
    • Industry standard Windows Operating Systems ensure your entire practice can fulfill its computing needs through a single system solution, no matter how complex those software and connectivity needs may be.
  • Scalability of Services 
    • Advanced software solutions are available using WAN (wide area networking) technology.
    • Branch offices in different cities or states can be connected to a main location to share information and resources as if they were part of the local network.
    • Tools such as Interoffice Mail and Video Conferencing can be added upon request.

Having a Phys-A-Syst on your medical practice management team can help reduce the 'after-shocks' created by endless changes and evolutions in healthcare administration.

Being dedicated to our community and profession, we:

  • are members in good standing of
    These Organizations
    • American Management Association
    • National Association of Self-Employed
    • Who's Who Historical Society
  • and hold
    These Licenses
    • McKesson / HBOC Certified Dealers
    • Microsoft Certified Professional
    • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
    • Microsoft OEM System Builder
    • Citrix Certified Administrator

For more information or an appointment to discuss how the Phys-A-Syst team can benefit your medical practice, please call Donna or Miike at: (770) 955-1544

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