Built on Microsoft Windows and
Windows NT technology.


Physicians Administrative Systems (Phys-A-Syst), Inc. is a team of educated, dedicated, and trained professionals who utilize the latest technologies available to support the constantly changing needs of medical practice management.  Phys-A-Syst is an independently owned medical practice management service located in Marietta, Georgia.  Founded in 1993 by Donna Kimball, who utilized her previous experience of medical surgery, medical administration, and medical services management to guide the development of Phys-A-Syst.

Being a small company, Phys-A-Syst can respond quickly to meet the individually customized needs of our clients.  Having invested in the latest state-of-the-art computer technologies and software, Phys-A-Syst is highly competitive with the data management capabilities of much larger service organizations.  The general trend in the computer industry at this time is a migration away from cumbersome, outdated UNIX-style text based applications and a movement towards far more advanced, less proprietary GUI (graphical user interfaced) system solutions.

Phys-A-Syst has recognized Microsoft Corporation, with its world renowned Windows 2000/2003/XP operating systems, as a basis for its network solutions.  With a huge acceptance of Microsoft operating systems on a global basis, we are able to provide systems solutions that can mold to our clients' needs today, and well into the future.  The Microsoft Windows platform was optimized for ease of use, high reliability, extensive security, and low cost.  This allows its users to increase their personal productivity.  With over 90% of all computer systems currently utilizing Microsoft Windows technology, there is little doubt that the solutions Phys-A-Syst provides for you today will be the trend tomorrow as well.  Our base computer system solution utilizes the absolute cutting edge in hardware and software technology available today.  The goal was to design computer system solutions that are non-proprietary, infinitely scalable, and extremely reliable

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